Dive into the world of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). Thunderbolt Solutions is leveraging its commercial logistics past history to support its DoD and government customers. Thunderbolt is working towards developing and competing for relevant scope throughout all components of ILS. Current focus is on Engineering Support, Technical Data, Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation.

Components of ils

Thunderbolt Solutions: where groundbreaking engineering meets real-world challenges. Expect nothing less than expertly crafted solutions in system design, data fusion, and IoT for defense and commercial sectors.

  • ^Engineering Support: Ensures that the system design and engineering aspects align with operational requirements.
  • ^Maintenance Support: Addresses maintenance procedures, spare parts availability, and repair processes.
  • ^Supply Support: Manages the logistics of acquiring and distributing necessary supplies.
  • ^Personnel: Focuses on training and skill development for system operators and maintainers.
  • ^Training Support: Provides training programs to enhance system proficiency.
  • ^Facilities: Includes infrastructure and facilities needed for system operation.
  • ^Technical Data: Documentation, manuals, and technical information related to the system.
  • ^Support and Test Equipment: Ensures availability of tools and equipment for maintenance.
  • ^Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation: Deals with safe handling and transportation of system components.
  • ^Computer Support: Addresses software, data management, and IT infrastructure