Mission Critical/Combat systems engineering

Leveraging a wealth of experience in multidisciplinary, cross-lifecycle development, we excel in enhancing multi-sensor/multi-weapon, real-time combat systems, pushing the boundaries of capability far beyond the asset itself.

  • ^Model-Based Systems Engineering: MBSE Methodologies to align system and software requirements, design, integration, and testing to operational needs.
  • ^Depth of Knowledge: Decades of experience in design, development, integration, and testing of tactical command and control, sensor, weapon, and communications capabilities into large-scale systems of systems.
  • ^Discover dynamic solutions designed to seamlessly integrate diverse data streams, offering powerful decision-making tools and actionable insights to propel your strategies forward.
  • ^Lifecycle System and Software Development: Decades of experience in system-of-systems development on programs such as Aegis, SSDS, and F-35.
  • ^Systems Engineering Integration and Test: Working hand-in-hand with customers and clients to leverage requirements and MBSE-based testing methodologies and increase testing automation.
  • ^Agile Methodologies: Well-versed in scaled lean-agile methodologies to enable system architectures that support increased customer satisfaction and value delivery pipelines.
  • ^Design Thinking: Set-based design and prototypes to increase fast feedback.