UxV & Sensor Dynamic Tasking

Unleashing the synergy between crewed and uncrewed forces, we’re crafting cutting-edge Virtual Platform (vPlatform) capabilities. This innovation propels our ISR, strike, and self-defense capabilities to new heights, extending our reach and effectiveness across greater distances.
Thunderbolt’s UxV and Sensor tasking capabilities provide significant benefits to operators and warfighters.
  • ^Reduced Cost Per Resource (e.g., cost per ISR hour, cost per shot)
  • ^Deploying cutting-edge, cryptographically secure data management models right at the heart of the action—beyond the confines of command centers or cloud systems—empowers us to share vital information even in the most bandwidth or communication-challenged zones.
  • ^Improved Mission Persistence and A0 by leveraging large numbers of smaller systems.
  • ^Virtual Platforms (vPlatforms) composed of multiple systems that can perform 80%+ mission capability of larger platforms at a fraction of the cost.
  • ^Not designed to replace existing systems and control stations but to layer on top of them and provide the commander a mission-based orchestration layer.
  • ^Reduced Manning through Automation